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Reasons to go Paperless in Malta

Reasons to go Paperless in Malta


Well maybe near to paperless!

  • Significant Cost Savings
Much reduced costs for paper, inks, storage, huge savings in staff time.

  • Faster Customer Response
Super fast access to client documentation means happy clients and better retention rates.

  • More Productive Staff
Staff spend time on their core business tasks and not on finding or filing documents.

  • No Office Clutter And Mess
Clear desks and office space a better and more professional working environment, better staff moral and feel good.

  • Instant Access To information
No more hunting for files, Instant access to data and information, form any computer or mobile device

  • Document Traceability and sharing
Know where every document is and who has been using it, full traceability.

  • Remote Access to Documents
You can access you date anytime, anywhere, with any PC, Mac or mobile device.

Find out how to do it?

Free Advice and Information on setting up a Paperless Office

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M-Files Superior Document Handling

M-Files Superior Document Handling - And Every Business Can Afford it


Automate business processes and maximise workflow efficiency.
Streamline your organisation’s important business processes and workflows with M-Files, from simple document requests and updates, to advanced review and approval processes.
Access any document, anywhere, any time.
M-Files lets you access your documents anytime – even when you’re on the go or can’t get online.
Say goodbye to chaotic folders, for good.
Stop wasting time with inefficient file folders and start finding your documents the easy way.
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DocuWare iPad & iPhone Scanner

DocuWare Turns iPhone and iPad into Scanner
PaperScan, a free app by DocuWare, is now available for turning an iPhone or iPad into a document scanner. DocuWare, a global leader in the field of document management, developed PaperScan to conveniently bring order to paper clutter.

The cost of paper facts…

The cost of paper facts…


According to environmental group Clean Up Australia, we devour more than 4.2 million tonnes of paper annually in this country.

To put that in perspective, 20 trees are felled for every tonne of paper produced.

And each office worker chucks away an average of 50 kilos of paper every 12 months.


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New EDMS Sales Consultant at Sado Malta

New EDMS Sales Consultant at Sado Malta

John Dilley joins Sado Company Limited in Malta, and will have responsibilities for a product range including:
  • Electronic Document Management Systems
  • Paperless Office Solutions
  • Office Equipment
  • Digital Imaging & Scanning
  • Digital Finishing Equipment
John has joined the business from a successful career in the UK and will be expanding the offerings in Malta. John will help to drive the business especially in the fields of Paperless Office and Electronic Document Management Systems where Sado Company already have considerable expertise.


Souce: Sado Company Limited, Malta press release.

Open Data Base Connectivity

Open Data Base Connectivity
An important consideration in making a choice for your Document Handling Solution make sure you have connectivity to your other systems and databases. Read More...

Archive when you print

Archive when you print

When setting up your document management system, plan your efficiencies .

A great example is automatically archiving documents when you print them for hard copy use.

Using Barcodes in your Paperless Office

Using Barcodes in your Paperless Office

Code39 0035699977759

You can drive efficiencies in your Document Management System by using bar codes when scanning your documents Read More...

Free Advice On Going Paperless in Malta

Free Advice and Information on setting up a Paperless Office

Call Mark +356 99 356 357 or +356 273 423 90 for any help and advice.

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  • Happy to point you in the right direction
  • Tell you about the best options
  • Show you what others have done
  • Help you to make cost effective decisions
  • Provide products and recommendations when you need them

Key Steps to going paperless

Key Steps to going paperless in Malta


  1. Make a commitment to reduce paper in all aspects of your operations
  2. Always ask do I really need to print this out?
  3. Monitor you paper buying costs and target reductions
  4. Monitor you printing and photocopying numbers and establish reasonable reductions
  5. Move bulky documents like Board Room Packs and Sales material presentations iPads and Android tablets
  6. Have quick meetings rather then back and forth e-mails and memos

Take a look at your document workflow and streamline it.

  1. Take a fresh look at what you are doing now, is it efficient?
  2. It should be possible to streamline your workflows
  3. Cut out unnecessary steps to gain efficiencies
  4. Make a document flow plan (We are happy to help) to visualise your steps
  5. Use MindMap or other tools to make it simple (We can send you some)
  6. Agree it with your team and gain commitment
  7. Do this in conjunction with a suitable document management solution (Call us for help)
  8. You will find the Document Management solutions give you better options to streamline
  9. The best solutions will make your teams life easier and much more productive
  10. Get the planning right and the benefits are enormous.(We can help you do this)

And be prepared for change and looking at new solutions to your document handing, Like other communications, Quill Feather pens and writing paper are things of the past, we wouldn’t dream of going back.

It really the same with modern document handling solutions the benefits, cost and operations completely outweigh the small uncertainty of change!

We are here to help you with every step, we can guarantee success and savings and affordable solution for every need.

Talk to us today, we have a free consultancy session without any obligation.

We are here to help.


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Vodafone sees 90 per cent reduction in paper use in a month at new office

Vodafone sees 90 per cent reduction in paper use in a month at new office

Vodafone’s new offices at Skyparks are bathed in natural light and feature noise absorption furniture and fittings throughout.

Vodafone Malta has experienced a 90 per cent drop in paper use since moving to its new head office at Skyparks Business Centre in Gudja just over a month ago, according to property manager Antoinette Camilleri. Read More...

Do you dream of a clean, paper-free desk?

Do you dream of a clean, paper-free desk, a minimalist haven where you will never have to worry about losing something vital ever again?


Paperless office remains major business trend 35 years after introduction

Paperless office remains major business trend 35 years after introduction

Back in 1978, information scientist Frederick Wilfrid Lancaster envisioned the possibilities of a paperless society in his book "Toward Paperless Information Systems." One would think that with nearly 35 years to think about this prospect, every office would already be there by now. However, I'm sure as you take a look around your workplace, you can see that that is not the case.